Paving in Paradise: Rejuvenating the Cleveland Dam Bridge Deck

The high level of quality of fresh drinking water in the Metro Vancouver area is a source of great pride for all residents of the city and surrounding areas. The credit for this water quality is due in large part to the pristine supply that exists in various North shore mountain reservoirs which are located far from industrial and human settlement. To keep these vast reservoirs operating properly it is required that the related infrastructure be maintained in a pro-active manner. To this end, the Metro Vancouver Organization contracted us to complete some pavement rehabilitation at the Cleveland Dam, which is located at the top of the Capilano Regional Park. It goes without saying that the mountain range surrounding the dam are quintessentially Vancouver.

The Dam was constructed in 1954 and a portion of the bridge deck was showing its age and was in need of replacement. After much planning and consideration regarding the sensitivity of the surrounding natural environment, we began the works by removing the bridge deck asphalt topping in late August. After just 1 week we had the existing deck exposed, cleaned, prepped and re-paved just before the bad weather set in.

It was a pleasure to serve Metro Vancouver at such an important and picturesque location and we look forward to delivering the same level of workmanship in the future.