Palmieri Brothers Paving

Shovels in the Ground at Ocean View Cemetery for the South East Mausoleum Estates

We are breaking ground today on the East side of the Ocean View Cemetery Mausoleum as we commence construction of 12 private family estates. Last year we completed a stretch of very similar walled estates at the South East corner of the Mausoleum and are happy to be working alongside Vaughan Landscape Planning and Design again. The weather looks promising so we expect steady progress for the next couple of weeks as we begin to install various underground services that will eventually supply the newly constructed estates. In short time we will begin excavation for the installation of lawn crypts and structural concrete footings. We will keep you posted as the work advances!

Palmieri Bros Supports Aspiring Climber to Reach New Heights

We at Palmieri Bros know full well that the involvement in sports and athletic activities is an integral part of childhood and youth development. It teaches youth to lead healthy lives while nurturing the most fundamental skills that are required to succeed in our competitive society. In an ever growing urban and sub-urban sprawl, youth involvement in recreation fosters a child’s integration in to the community. To that extent, Palmieri Bros is proud to sponsor Julia Massullo, a rising star in the world of youth rock climbing. Julia began climbing at the age of 7 and has never looked back. She is currently training as a member of the Canadian Youth National Rock Climbing team as she prepares for an international competition set in New Caledonia.
As a member of the community, we at Palmieri Bros wish Julia the best of luck in the upcoming competition. ”˜Rock’ on!