Sidewalk Installation and Repair


Sidewalk installation is essential to urban areas, providing foot and bike paths not only along streets, but also through residential developments, strata complexes and recreational areas such as parks, golf courses, seawalls and water parks. They help protect landscaping, increase livability and provide pedestrians with safe areas separated from traffic.

Sidewalk options, from asphalt to concrete or custom designed

Sidewalks are much more than just ways to get from point A to point B. Whether asphalt or concrete, sidewalks installed with expertise and a little creativity can provide curb appeal to nearby homes and structures and add an attractive design element to any setting.

While most often grey concrete is the chosen sidewalk surface, there are numerous decorative concrete alternatives that can take your sidewalk from purely utilitarian to something much, much more!

Our sidewalk services

As full contractors as well as asphalt and concrete professionals, our services go well beyond simply pouring concrete or laying asphalt.

  • Excavation
    Our team has the expertise to take your site from whatever state it is in through to completion
  • Forming
    Forming of concrete sidewalks typically can be done more quickly than with other concrete projects because we typically need less concrete and no reinforcements such as rebar.
  • Installation of gravels and other base sidewalk materials
    The layer of base gravel under sidewalks can typically be less thick because sidewalks aren’t exposed to the type of extreme loads experienced by roadway or industrial-application pavement. Nonetheless, we ensure the proper materials are chosen for your project so that your sidewalk is less susceptible to cracking or sinking.
  • Pouring concrete or paving asphalt
    Less concrete is typically required for sidewalks than other projects because of the light loads they’re typically exposed to, and so concrete sidewalks can often be poured more quickly than other paving projects. With asphalt sidewalks, the process is even quicker, and your sidewalk can be ready for use just hours after the asphalt is rolled.
  • Sealing and finishing
    Sidewalks are often the focal point of a property, and so attention should be given to their style and appearance. There’s a near infinite array of ways we can finish your sidewalk, from smooth finishes and exposed aggregate, to coloured concrete, stamped concrete and even coloured glass blended in with the concrete for a bold, high-end appearance.
  • All finishing, such as Installation of drainage, sanitary and storm water systems
    These are often dictated by the building permit drawings. Even if they’re not, our crews have the expertise to draw them up and install them properly, ensuring that your sidewalk is properly drained and exceeds minimum requirements.

Where to start your sidewalk installation or repair project

Start by contacting us to discuss your project and request an estimate.

Our estimator will visit your site to determine the scope of work required, consult with you on options available and provide a quote for installing or repairing your sidewalk.

Once approved, work can often proceed in as little as two to three weeks.

Palmieri Bros. sidewalk installation &repair

Palmieri Bros. Paving & Contracting has been a proud leader in quality sidewalk paving services in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley since 1998.

We use only the highest-quality materials and a highly skilled team with multiple areas of expertise. We honour our workmanship with a one-year guarantee and, because we’ve been serving Greater Vancouver since 1998, you know we’ll be around to honour it.

Our sidewalk installation and repair services, whether asphalt or concrete, meet or exceed Master Municipal Construction Documents Association (MMCDA) standards and the requirements of Metro Vancouver communities.

Please contact us to discuss your sidewalk installation or sidewalk repair project.

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