Parking Lot Paving & Patching

Palmieri Bros. has been the go-to company for parking lot paving and patching work in Metro Vancouver for 16 years, and regularly works with general contractors, developers, shopping malls, property managers and strata councils to meet their parking lot needs.

Parking Lot Paving

A properly installed and maintained parking lot is vital to many businesses, as it increases the chance of customers shopping there. There are advantages to both concrete and asphalt lots: concrete parking lots, though the more expensive option, are longer lasting, while asphalt parking lots are the more popular, inexpensive option.

Palmieri Bros.’ parking lot paving team can handle lots of any size and configuration, whether at ground level or on suspended concrete slabs in parkades. Our services can also include all the necessary complimentary work, such as:

  • Removal of any existing materials and excavation work
  • Installation of drainage, sanitary and storm water systems
  • Installation of gravels and other base materials
  • Paving the surface

Our parking lot paving services come with a standard 1-year guarantee on materials and labour.

Parking Lot Patching and Repair

Even with their durability, every parking lot will need occasional patching and repair work. This can be caused by circumstances such as:

  • Changing ground levels, due to settlement of the parking lot or the building it surrounds
  • Imperfections in the original work
  • Damage caused by workers and equipment
  • Tree roots pushing up from below

When Palmieri Bros. receives a request for repair work, an estimator will visit the site to evaluate the work required. Along with providing a quote for the repair work, it may also be practical to provide a quotation for a complete replacement of the existing asphalt, as this can actually have a lower cost than the patching work. Work can be completed as quickly as two to three weeks after approval is received, and Palmieri Bros. does have emergency service available.

Contact us today for more information on how Palmieri Bros. can assist with your asphalt paving and repair needs.

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