Concrete Paving

Concrete Paving

Concrete paving is much more than just laying a slab down in the dirt. Concrete surfaces are used on a daily basis for transportation and recreation.

Concrete Paving: Pros & Cons

Comprised of specific formulations of water, cement and aggregate (sand or gravel), it is incredibly strong, much stronger than asphalt. It is not susceptible to softening in hot conditions and is incredibly durable and able to withstand the harsh weather systems that frequently visit Greater Vancouver and the Lower Mainland.

Concrete paving is typically required for surfaces that will have to withstand high point loads, such as docking areas, garbage bin pads and other industrial applications. If your pavement needs to stand up to high point loads, such as trucks with dolly pads, garbage bins or other repetitive impacts, only concrete paving will do.

The downside is that concrete paving is a much more labour-intensive process, and the downtime is longer than with asphalt paving projects – 72 hours at minimum.

On the other hand, concrete forms the ideal footprint for many applications, as its environmental footprint is actually quite low; concrete is 100% recyclable.

Our Services

Each project is unique and whatever your concrete paving needs are, we’ll ensure a custom formulation that meets the precise specifications of your project, install the appropriate reinforcements and take the time to pour, finish and cure it properly.

Palmieri Bros. Paving & Contracting provides a full range of services to complete your concrete paving project. These services include:

  • Removal of existing surface
    All old concrete will be removed, crushed and recycled for future applications.
  • Excavation work
    Whatever condition your site is in, we can take it from that state through to project completion. Simply ensure all vehicles and other equipment are removed and our crew will take it from there.
  • Installation of drainage, sanitary and storm water systems, when required
    These installations will typically be itemized in the building permit drawings, but in some cases we can advise on appropriate drainages and install them over the course of the paving project.
  • Installation of reinforcements
    Before pouring concrete, forms must be created and reinforcements installed. Depending on the intended use of the concrete, reinforcements may include rebar, wire mesh or even fibre mesh, which consists of steel or fibreglass mixed in with the concrete itself. This preparatory work can take between a day to several days to complete.
  • Pouring of concrete
    Because there is much more manual labour required, concrete does not go down nearly as quickly as asphalt. It must be poured, raked and finished by hand. Once poured, concrete can take up to a week to cure, although chemical additives can be added to the concrete formulation so that it cures in as little as 72 hours.
  • Sealing and finishing
    One of the advantages of concrete is the sheer variety of colours and textures available. Add a tint, choose from smooth or patterned finishes or even add coloured glass to the mix for extra curb appeal. As with the formulation of concrete itself, the options are nearly limitless. We’ll be happy to help you wade through the options.

Why Palmieri Bros for your concrete paving project?

Palmieri Bros. Paving & Contracting has been a proud leader in Greater Vancouver and the Fraser Valley since 1998. Our reputation for quality workmanship and remarkable service is well established.

And our concrete paving service always comes with an ironclad one-year warranty on materials and labour. We can honour that warranty because we never scrimp on quality. To us, minimum standards don’t matter. We only use concrete that meets or exceeds Master Municipal Construction Documents Association (MMCDA) standards and the requirements of Metro Vancouver communities.

Please contact us to discuss your next paving project.

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