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We drive on asphalt every day – on the street, in parking lots, even grabbing a meal. And Palmieri can provide you with superior asphalt and blacktop paving services.

Asphalt paving: pros and cons

For time-sensitive projects, when downtime must be kept to a minimum or when budget is limited, asphalt paving is often the best choice for the job. Asphalt can be laid down quickly and, once completed, can be driven on much sooner than concrete – often later that same day.

Some downsides to asphalt paving that may affect your choice are that it can soften in hot weather, it doesn’t stand up to oil spills as well as concrete does and it won’t withstand heavy point loads – such as heavy trucks with dolly pads – over prolonged periods. If any of these considerations factor into your project, concrete paving might be a better option.

If you have questions about whether asphalt is the right material for your paving project, don’t hesitate to ask us. We’ve been paving Metro Vancouver since 1994, and our experienced team will be happy to assist you.

Our asphalt paving services include:

  • Removal of an existing surface, if required
    We’ll remove your existing asphalt or concrete pavement and truck it away for recycling where appropriate.
  • Excavation work
    We will take your site from whatever its current state is through to project completion. Just remove any vehicles and other equipment from the site and we’ll take it from there.
  • Installation of drainage, sanitary and storm water systems, when required
    Often drainage features such as gutters and catch basins will be planned by an engineer and included in the building permit. If not, we can make recommendations for their inclusion and install them while we work.
  • Installation of gravel and other suitable base materials
    There is a huge range of preparatory activities that may be required before paving begins. One of the most important is the installation of base gravels, which is largely what will determine the integrity and longevity of your asphalt. A driveway may only require four to six inches of gravel, whereas a parking lot that will see heavy traffic may require a foot or more depending on underlying soil conditions. We always use the appropriate amount and type of base gravels for each project to ensure it will stand up to whatever you throw at it.
  • Asphalt paving
    Like concrete, there are different types of asphalt for different applications. Finer mixes result in a smoother finish but less strength, whereas a thicker mix will be stronger but will have a rougher surface. Through consultation on the function of the space, we can ensure you have the right mix for the job.

The asphalt paving process

Depending on the size of the area to be paved, we will typically have six to twelve crew members working on your site, a paving machine, three or four rollers and several trucks. Most asphalt paving projects, such as driveways, can be completed within a day – depending on the area to be paved obviously – and the pavement can be used the next day.

For road paving, we often pave one lane in the morning, then redirect traffic to the new pavement in the afternoon while we pave the other lane, resulting in minimal inconvenience to road users.

All of our asphalt paving work comes with a 1-year guarantee on materials and labour.

A solution for any paving project

Palmieri Bros. Paving & Contracting is a full-service operation, offering much more than just the minimum requirements. Need a street, parking lot or driveway paved? We can do that! Curbs, drainage or storm water systems? We do that too. Our paving and contracting experts manage every part of the process, leaving you with a job well done and the peace of mind that your asphalt paving is installed to last.

Here’s what else you can expect when you work with Palmieri Bros. Paving:

Outstanding service
Our highly experienced staff provides hassle-free solutions to your project needs. Just ask – you might be surprised what we can offer! Our clients trust us to go well beyond basic asphalt paving.

Quality asphalt paving
We use the highest-quality materials and a highly skilled team with multiple areas of expertise. We take our time to do the job right, and we honour our workmanship with a one-year guarantee. And because we’ve been serving Greater Vancouver since 1998, you know we’ll be around to honour it.

High standards for paving
Our asphalt paving services meet or exceed Master Municipal Construction Documents Association (MMCDA) standards and the requirements of Metro Vancouver communities.

One-Year Warranty
Did we mention our guarantee? All of our materials and labour are covered by an ironclad one-year warranty – and we actually stand behind it.

Contact us to discuss your asphalt paving needs

We would love to chat about your asphalt paving project and how our services can meet your needs and exceed your expectations. Whatever the project, whatever the timeline – we’ll do what we can to make sure your asphalt paving project is completed on time, on budget, and on par with the most exacting of standards – our own.

Please contact us to discuss your asphalt paving project.

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