Cemetery Construction

Cemetery Construction

Cemeteries require a great deal of planning and preparation, and high-quality work is critical to creating a site that is both functional and peaceful. Palmieri Bros. has been providing cemetery construction services since 2008, and works closely with municipalities and private owners to construct roadways and buildings, and also to install lawn crypts, columbaria and private estates as well.

Timelines for these projects are typically quite tight, and Palmieri Bros. has become well-known for its ability to not only meet, but exceed project schedule requirements. Our staff ensures that all municipal building code standards are met while building crypts to the customer’s plans and specifications.

Lawn Crypts

Lawn crypts are the type of internment that most people think of when they see a cemetery. These consist of a series of below-ground grave spaces which will receive a casket and be finished with a marker. Constructed side by side, Palmieri Bros. will:

  • Excavate the site
  • Install drainage systems
  • Install crypts in the ground (including grades for crypts placed on hillsides)
  • Backfill the site to cover the crypts and provide grass cover


A columbarium is an above-ground structure that is designed to hold a number of cinerary urns in a single location. They are pre-constructed and then delivered to the site, which means they require a strong foundation to be placed on. Palmieri Bros. will pour a foundation and place the columbarium, then follow with finishing work such as railings, steps, and any landscaping around the base.

Private Estates

Some cemeteries provide reserved sections of land which are purchased by a private owner for a select number of graves. The same type of crypts installed in the main part of the cemetery will also be installed in these spaces, though these estates are often a higher-end product with many architectural features. Palmieri Bros. provides all of the applicable services to crypt installation, and will also install granite that is supplied by the cemetery.

For more information on Palmieri’s cemetery construction services, please contact us today.

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