Cemetery Construction

Excellence in Cemetery Construction

Cemetery construction is a highly specialized field that demands meticulous planning and preparation to create a site that is not only functional but also imbued with peace and dignity.

Palmieri Bros. has been providing cemetery construction services since 2008, partnering closely with municipalities and private owners to bring these sacred spaces to life.

Our expertise extends to constructing roadways, buildings, installing lawn crypts, columbaria, and private estates.

Our Cemetery Construction Services:

1. Roadways and Buildings: We collaborate with our clients to construct essential infrastructure within cemeteries, including roadways and buildings, ensuring they are built to last.

2. Lawn Crypts: Lawn crypts are the traditional below-ground internment spaces that many envision when thinking of cemeteries. We meticulously prepare the site, install drainage systems, and place crypts, even accommodating hillside placements. We then backfill the site, providing grass cover.

3. Columbaria: Columbaria are above-ground structures designed to house cinerary urns. We construct strong foundations for columbaria and oversee their placement. Our services include finishing work such as railings, steps, and landscaping around the base.

4. Private Estates: Some cemeteries offer reserved sections of land for private owners, typically for a select number of graves. These estates often feature high-end architectural elements. Palmieri Bros. handles all aspects of crypt installation and can also install granite supplied by the cemetery.

Project Timelines and Excellence:

  • Cemetery construction projects often have tight timelines, and Palmieri Bros. has gained a reputation for not only meeting but exceeding project schedule requirements.
  • We ensure that all municipal building code standards are met while adhering to the customer’s plans and specifications.
  • For more detailed information on our cemetery construction services or to discuss your specific project needs, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Palmieri Bros. today.
  • We are committed to creating serene and dignified cemetery spaces with the highest level of craftsmanship.
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